our past

South Seminole Baptist Church’s location was once a farm, and later became the site of one of the largest beer joints in the county, The Chicken Roost. By the hand of God, however, it became a place to be used for His honor and glory.


In time, God blessed the area with many new homes and young families. In the fall of 1952, the Hamilton County Baptist Association requested that Brainerd Baptist Church start a mission church in what had become the Oakhurst community.  Rev. C. A. Dabney, Pastor of Brainerd Baptist Church, gave the responsibility of starting the mission to a committee of church members called the Brotherhood.


With funds from the association and the church, the committee purchased a small four-room house and gave it to the mission church. A short time  later, the remainder of the property was purchased. For several weeks,

prayer meetings were held in homes in the area. Services were held in the small house starting on March 7, 1954.  God blessed the new mission church with a full schedule of Sunday and Wednesday services the very first week that have continued without interruption until now. Many of the early workers and members came from Brainerd Baptist Church.

our future

From this humble beginning, we have experienced some of the most exciting days possible. We have seen literally hundreds upon hundreds of individual lives changed by the the power of Christ at South Seminole Baptist Church. 


After celebrating over 60 years of serving our community, we could not be more excited about the future God has for us!  From investing in young leaders, to discipling families, to meeting the needs of this community, our vision is to leave a legacy of faith that transcends generations and passes on the hope of the gospel.  We endeavor with passion, to love this city and follow our Savior who invites us into a relationship filled with joy and hope and purpose.