Discipleship Pathway

We believe that not only the message of Jesus is important, but the method is important as well.   When Jesus left this earth, He commissioned the church to do one thing; make disciples.  If we are to make discipleship,  we should do it the way He did. Jesus ministered to people in 4 distinct groups.  We are greatly indebted to Replicate Ministries for helping us develop this process.  

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Based on the way that Jesus made disciples, our Discipleship Pathway is HOW we equip people to achieve the mission of our church of following Jesus and loving people.  We believe that if we can engage our members in these environments weekly, they will achieve the mission to which God has called us.


Jesus' first group of people that He ministered to was the group of believers who followed Jesus. Known as "the 72," these individuals followed Jesus’ ministry and gathered systematically to hear our Savior teach the word of God. This group grew from 72 to 120 after the Resurrection and became the foundation of the early church of Acts 2.

Our gatherings meet Sundays at 10:45. The Sunday worship service is the weekly gathering of our church family to experience God's presence together through singing, giving, as well as hearing and responding to the Word of God.  When you join us, you can expect to be blessed and encouraged by some great worship led by our choir and band as well as a challenging and inspiring message from God's word.



Jesus' second ministry was to the twelve disciples who did life with Him. They walked with Him, listened to Him, ministered for Him, and learned from Him. Nine/Tenths of Jesus' ministry was spent with these twelve men. They became a family.

Our life groups are groups of families who meet weekly around our city for community, discussion of the word, fellowship, breaking bread, and prayer.  Life Groups are where connections are made and friendships are developed.  We believe life change happens within the context of a circle of people who do life with you. 



Jesus spent most of His time in ministry with 3 men.  Known as Jesus' inner circle; Peter, James, and John were the men with whom Jesus had His most intimate connection. They followed Him up the Mount of Transfiguration and went deeper with Him in the garden to pray. These men were held to a higher standard and greater levels of accountability.

Our D-Groups are gender specific discipleship groups of 3 to 5 people who meet weekly for the purpose of reading, memorizing, and applying God's word.  It is a transformative journey of accountability and spiritual growth that develops casual attenders to emerging leaders.



The final group to which Jesus ministered  were the crowds who gathered to hear Him teach.. Often meeting physical needs, like the feeding of the five thousand, thereby create avenues to proclaim spiritual truths. These was the masses around them; of which Jesus would commission His followers to go and make disciples.  

Service teams are groups of volunteers who use their gifts to serve the needs of our church family, our community, and our city.